Saturday, February 16, 2013

... and the pursuit of happiness

What makes you happy?

Does what make you happy keep you happy?

My other half gave me a great gift for Valentine's Day. I've been wanting to learn how to do something with my sewing machine for a while, so he purchased me a gift card for an intro sewing class. This kills two birds with one stone, in that maybe, just maybe, there will be some potential friends there (and I'll come home with a drawstring bag and pillow that a child could have done better with). When I think of the things I probably should be doing with my time, they all include some sort of hobby.

As a kid, I had LOTS of hobbies. I loved to draw, read, do latch-hook kits, write stories, you name it. As an adult, I get frustrated that my drawing is not that great, reading (even a really great book) lulls me into a slumber, and this blog is a testament to my writing prowess. I wonder at what point did that part of me who could while away hours with something other than Investigation Discovery and naps disappear. Even more importantly, I wonder how I can get that part of me back.

Maybe it's time to buy some new latch-hook kits...


  1. I loved those latch hook thingies.

  2. I think what my life really needs is a butterfly that looks like it's made out of shag carpet.

  3. Each of us has an inner critic. Mine keeps me from trying to make new and difficult things. I imagine the time I would invest in a project and then think of how that project could fail, and I settle for doing nothing instead. It seems to be a pretty common approach, and one that leads to a lot of second guessing. What I am starting to believe is that the time wasted on a failed project is still better spent than the time wasted avoiding one. You can do whatever you want with some effort and support. You know where to find that.

  4. Thank you. The effort is something I'll have to muster up on my own, but the support is always welcome!